Big Guns are Aimed at YOUR FAMILY! Will It Survive? (Part 2)

In modern America, God’s grand and glorious institution, the family, is being ferociously attacked. The relentless and malicious attacks are aimed at the traditional family in general and YOUR family in particular. Consider seriously, Part 2 of this vital discussion.

Group of different families together of all races

Part 1 identified the most aggressive and influential enemies of the traditional family and the primary targets of those groups. Part 2 profiles the stunning heavy artillery amassed by the anti-family groups and their sources of immense power, along with a challenge to protect YOUR FAMILY. Part 3 characterizes a power far greater than all the combined power arrayed against us. Finally, Part 4 provides the practical, detailed strategy to protect YOUR FAMILY.

Stunning Heavy Artillery Amassed by the Anti-Family Groups

Weapons are required to destroy the targets. The anti-family groups have assembled a formidable arsenal of powerful weapons aimed at YOUR family, including but not limited to.

  • Political correctness, a means to shut down all opposing viewpoints, by eliminating freedom of speech.
    • Unconditional abortion often paid for by the government
      • No-fault divorce
        • Social approval of cohabitation
          • Encourage single-parent “families.”
            • Social approval of out-of-wedlock births
              • Malignant welfare state establishing permanent dependence on government
                • Effectively ban religion from public discourse by abusive interpretation of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution
                  • Legal recognition of same-sex “marriage”
                  • Theory of evolution
  • Child adoption by same-sex couples
    • Surrogate births for same-sex couples
      • Unlimited government regulations of every area of life
        • Easy student loans create dependence on government
          • Promote massive change using the judicial system to bypass the voters
            • Prioritize career over family, withdrawing women and love from the home
              • Legal recognition of transgendered individuals.
                • First promote “tolerance” of all manner of perverse behavior followed by legal recognition of “equality” of practitioners (establishes the moral equivalence of good and evil; lack of tolerance for sinful behavior is proclaimed “evil”)
                  • Government takeover of parental responsibilities
                  • Claimed racism
                  • Infanticide/euthanasia

Fearsome Power of the Anti-Family Groups

The attackers have available the formidable and intimidating power of the:

  • Highest level politicians
    • Full weight of the mainstream press
      • Highly publicized personal and moral failures of sports and entertainment celebrities
        • Emotional and spiritual power of most of the entertainment industry
          • Peer and cultural pressure of a rapidly collapsing American culture
            • Corrupt public school systems that have become intellectually incompetent as well as emotionally and spiritually toxic
              • Brute force of the Federal government facilitated by a runaway judiciary

YOU Must Protect YOUR Family from Cultural Devastation!

The Judeo-Christian family today faces a formidable array of big guns designed to weaken and destroy it. The family has already been directly substantially weakened by

  1. Dilution (cohabitation)
  2. Redefinition (any combination of people living together)
  3. Government intrusion into every aspect of family life
  4. Destruction of the sanctity of life
  5. Decimation of the sanctity of marriage
  6. Annihilation of the sovereignty of the family

The traditional family is virtually at war with the federal government. Many people would not choose a term as harsh as war. But the tension between the sovereignty of the family and the sovereignty of the state has undeniably escalated in recent decades.

The government breaches family sovereignty by:

  • Encouraging divorce, abortion, euthanasia, assisted suicide
  • Removing children from their family
    • Tacitly for ever increasing amounts of “education”
    • Physically for an ever-widening list of alleged “abuses”
  • Dilution, diffusion, and redefinition (ever broadening definition of “family” to include a growing list of “alternative lifestyles”)
  • Increasing control over personal health, including life and death decisions
  • Promoting radical feminism and materialism, which undermine and scatter the family
  • Attacking traditional Biblical roles of family members
  • Facilitating a progressively increasing dependence on government
  • Replacing traditional family values with evolution-rooted post-modern views (no god; no absolute/objective truth; no single set of universal values)
  • Promoting multiculturalism while denying the value and importance of traditional Judeo-Christian culture and values
  • Adopting a suffocating array of ever increasing over-regulations

The collective effect of the big guns attaches plausibility to non-Biblical and immoral conditions and behaviors. The ever increasing number of “alternative lifestyles,” represented here as heavy artillery, elicit an unending series of compromises to the institution of marriage, the sanctity of life, and the sovereignty of the family. Aggregated compromises become cultural bunker busters.

Part 3 is a discussion of a power so great that it can easily overcome the formidable forces arrayed against us.

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