The Fruit of Evolution is Devastating to YOU!

“By their fruit you will know them” is another way of saying, “Actions speak louder than words.” Evolution is far more than an academic controversy. It permeates every aspect of life, in many ways seldom contemplated.

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For a moment, sidestep the controversy regarding biological evolution. Full disclosure: This writer has devoted an entire chapter of his upcoming book to the flaws and fallacies of biological evolution and about a page to on his blog site to achieve the same objective. Numerous other writers have done the same.

Nevertheless, the concept of evolution is embedded in our culture, especially in the public school systems. For now, consider the “fruit” or the long-term effects of evolution. The first fruit spawned Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution was a worldwide eugenics movement.

The eugenics movement began in the late 19th Century and continued up until World War II. Movement leaders reasoned that if evolution was true, then man could help it move faster along an intellectually desirable path. After all, man had been breeding horses and dogs for centuries. Why not people?

Eugenics propelled the adoption of laws enabling the killing or sterilizing of people not considered “useful” or people who should no longer be allowed to reproduce, as determined by bureaucratic “wisdom.” Scary? You bet!

Such decisions could be based on age, physical or mental limitations, or race. Years later, during the post-WWII Nuremburg trials, the highest level Nazis cited actual American eugenics laws as part of their defense.

Karl Marx considered Darwin’s work scientific support for forced socialism and even offered to dedicate one of his books to Darwin. The result? Every 20th Century genocide! A very clear paper trail reveals that Adolf Hitler was convinced that he was helping evolution (42,000,000 deaths; 5,700,000 Jews).

Josef Stalin was “helping evolution” (30,000,000 deaths). Evolution-driven Mao Tse-Tung was responsible for 50,000,000 deaths. There were millions more deaths resulting from the Stalin-drive Holodomor (forced starvation in the Ukraine and in Pol Pot’s “killing fields.” Furthermore, in the United States alone, there have been about 60,000,000 evolution-driven deaths caused by abortion.

But there is far more. Evolution has infected every area of life. The reasoning, increasingly accepted since Darwin’s publications, is that if life actually evolved, then virtually every area of human endeavor should be subject to the principles of evolution. Part 2 will examine how evolution affects YOU personally and what to do about it.

What does it take to wake up the body of believers?

What does it take to wake up the clergy?

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