Big Guns are Aimed at YOUR FAMILY! Will It Survive? (Part 1)

In modern America, God’s grand and glorious institution, the family, is being ferociously attacked. The relentless and malicious attacks are aimed at the traditional family in general and YOUR family in particular.

Group of different families together of all races

Consider first the context of the modern American culture. Then wrestle with the grim and determined attacks by the unprecedented number of highly organized groups determined to destroy YOUR family. They have specific targets, a huge arsenal of devastating weapons, and massive power.

Part 1 identifies the most aggressive and influential enemies of the traditional family and the primary targets of those groups. Part 2 profiles the stunning heavy artillery amassed by the anti-family groups and their sources of immense power, along with a challenge to protect YOUR FAMILY. Part 3 characterizes a power far greater than all the combined power arrayed against us. Finally, Part 4 provides the practical, detailed strategy to protect YOUR FAMILY.

Powerful Anti-Family Enemies Aligned Against YOUR Family

  • Evolutionists
    • Radical feminists
      • Multiculturalists
        • Planned Parenthood
          • American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)
            • Liberal/Progressives
              • LGBT Organizations
                • Muslims/Islamists
                  • Abortion activists
                  • Socialists/Marxists
                  • Animal rights activists

All of these groups are Humanist or antagonistic to the American family or both. They have made man his own god. They are determined to reshape America in the socialist, Humanist mold, a “fundamental transformation.”

Perhaps, like many, you have concluded that as a Judeo-Christian believer, “I don’t belong to any of these groups nor do I support them.” Therefore, they have nothing to do with me. Wrong! Wrong! Dead wrong! They have everything to do with YOU. They ALL share a publically declared goal to destroy YOUR FAMILY. They will mock your successes and cheer your failures. In the Internet Age of virtually no privacy and instant everything, you can no longer “fly under the radar” and be protected by a weekly trip to church or synagogue.

Collectively, the groups create a cultural climate that undermines and weakens the sanctity of life, the sanctity of marriage, and the sovereignty of the family. The statistically equivalent rates of abortion and divorce between conservative believers and atheists/agnostics unambiguously demonstrates that the body of believers has been severely and negatively compromised by the combined efforts of the anti-family groups.

Targets of the Anti-Family Groups Include YOUR Family

To fundamentally transform America, the anti-family groups must have specific targets and objectives. A few of them are:

  • Destroy the Biblical family INCLUDING YOURS
    • Ridicule patriotism (an outgrowth of Judeo-Christian tradition)
      • Substantially weaken the Unites States Constitution
        • Undermine the concept of a representative republic (democracy)
          • Abolish capitalism and the free enterprise system
            • Denigrate the Founding Fathers
              • Eliminate the sanctity marriage
                • Destroy the sanctity of life
                  • Annihilate the sovereignty of the family

The God-created, God-ordained, Biblical family is the only real source of long-term cultural stability. A culture is stable only to the extent that the people consider the needs of others before the needs of self. It is an unassailable Biblical principle that can only be passed on to posterity through soulfully committed traditional families. The family is the heart and strength of the “Great American Experiment.” No nation has ever survived the breakdown of the family.

The anti-family Humanist groups must destabilize, weaken, and eventually destroy the family to make the American culture receptive to massive change (fundamental transformation). The intent to deliberately destroy the institution of the family is well documented in their published writings.

Part 2 will identify the mind blowing weaponry and the sources of the massive power available to the anti-family groups. Do not be discouraged. Part 2 will also include a challenge to protect YOUR FAMILY. Subsequent parts will explain how.

3 thoughts on “Big Guns are Aimed at YOUR FAMILY! Will It Survive? (Part 1)

  1. Hello!! You really went in seep on this one, very educational! I am wondering if the way that Muslims are anti family is because they don’t follow the Bible? I’ve only knowingly encountered one Muslim woman whom was giving me marriage advice pertaining to being a sister wife…something that is not condoned in the out new testament King James Bible. That’s almost laughable. I’m sure you know way more than this, this is just my point of reference…for the most part she was pro family just not the traditional family. Am I close?

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