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Finding the right speaker to address the right topic at the right place and the right time is a challenge that I understand. The success of an event is often reflected in the quality of the speakers. Great speakers inspire praise for the event; mediocre speakers breed disappointment or sadly invite occasional criticism.

Thanks for looking here and considering me. I am honored.

What You Can Expect from Me

  • Prompt, professional responses to your phone calls and e-mail messages.
  • A personal consultation before the event, so I can fully understand how I can best serve you and your audience.
  • An announcement regarding your event on my blog and social media channels, assuming the event is public and you want the visibility.
  • Professionally prepared, dynamic presentation focusing on the outcomes that you choose.
  • An immediate post-event communication to confirm that I met your expectations and request your recommendations for improvement.

Previous Speaking Experience

I have been speaking publicly for over 30 years. As a consultant, I enjoyed about 100 professional public speaking engagements. During that period I also frequently appeared, on behalf of my clients, before dozens of city councils, local and state boards, as well as local and state regulatory agencies. Speaking publicly under pressure or on controversial issues became routine.

Since 1998, I have served as either  a fulltime or adjunct professor at various universities, teaching nearly 1500 credits of university-level courses. Often it has been necessary to engage the attention of a room full of students for four to five hours. I find the challenge exciting.

Speaking Topics

I have a personal burden for the catastrophic collapse of the American culture and the family. After years of research and writing a book on the subject, I am convinced that the following topics are urgent and would be enthusiastically received. I eagerly look forward to speaking to you and your organization.

The Undeniable Crisis of Modern America and the Family

  1. Reality Check-The Least Understood and Most Perplexing Cultural Problem Today
  2. Evolution Enabled the Progressive Darkness of the American Culture
  3. Broken Culture-How Did We Get Here?
  4. Bunker Busters-Destroying Modern American Culture
  5. Government Exists to Provide Security and to Protect God-Given Rights and Freedoms. That’s All!

The Awesome Remedy

  1. Real Life and World View-Big Stuff—Be Careful How You Form Yours
  2. Real Love Is the Inexhaustible Spiritual Energy from God Flowing Through People Meeting the Needs of Others
  3. Real Happiness Arises from Good Health and a Growing Network of Rich Interpersonal Relationships, Beginning with the Family
  4. Real Family Provides Value and Cultural Stability Throughout Generations of Time.
  5. Real Maturity Is Directly Related to Routinely Meeting the Needs of Others
  6. Real Freedom is Either Soul-Deep and Passionately Protected or is Eventually Lost to Tyranny
  7. Real Cultural Remedy-The Church and Family are the Inescapable Keys
  8. Real Science-A Judeo-Christian View May Be Surprisingly Different
  9. Real or Unreal-Science, Art, Music, and Education Powerfully Influence Growth and Maturity
  10. Real Change Depends Upon YOU

What Others Have Said [Emphases Provided by Commenters]

  • You have sparked my thought process like no other professor
  • You started this class out with SUCH enthusiasm and excitement and I LOVED that! This was the first class where the Professor was excited.
  • I would like to commend you on being the most professional of all my professors so far. You in turn made this class to be what I had always imagined attending college to be like. Thank you for your professionalism!
  • Great teacher
  • …an excellent teacher…He’s always joyful and enthusiastic…
  • …very energetic and very knowledgeable
  • The instructor is doing an awesome job!
  • Awesome instructor, I have learned a lot…

What is the Next Step?

Just your consideration is awesome encouragement for me. For further conversations about speaking to your organization and my availability, you can easily reach me at lsteb@tampabay.rr.com.

Current speaking schedule:

February 11, 2015: “Christian View of Government;” Willow Creek Assembly of God Church

March 22, 2015: “Decline and Restoration of the Family;” Willow Creek Assembly of God

June 19, 2016: “Abortion, Unplanned Pregnancies and Nursing Homes–What do YOU Know Beyond Common Knowledge?” First Presbyterian Church-Haines City

July 3, 2016: “God Bless America: God Blessed the Founders Beyond Belief–Does He Still Bless America Today?” First Presbyterian Church-Haines City

July 10, 2016: “God’s Awesome Family Portrait–How Does Yours Compare?” First Presbyterian Church-Haines City

©2014 Lloyd Stebbins

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