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I would love to speak with you. For interviews or speaking engagements, contact me at:


Product Information

My new book, Wake Up America–or Die! YOU Must Save America and the Family, is 100% complete. It has been reviewed by a professional team of reviewers and their comments and recommendations incorporated. The book is currently awaiting publication.

The book comprehensively explores the development of the rapidly accelerating collapse of the American culture and the family. Fully two thirds of the book projects an awesome and viable remedy.

Although there are a number of other well-written books that explore the current crisis, they all fall far short of providing a workable solution.

Book Specifications

  • Book length—approximately 417 pages
  • Abundant founders’ quotes—the founders of the United States were endowed with uncommon wisdom. Today, it seems to be open season on the founders. Frequent quotes allow them to speak for themselves.
  • Abundant scriptural quotes—the broad Judeo-Christian audience is supported with as many Old Testament quotes as New Testament ones.
  • Famous scientists’ quotes—Well-known scientists “speak” about their faith in God.
  • Numerous quotes from best-known Christian thinkersExamples: C.S. Lewis, Francis Schaeffer, G.K. Chesterton, Abraham Kuyper
  • Eighteen compelling tablesall but two created by the author
  • Eighty-two exciting figuresall but two created by the author

Sampling of Compelling Principles:

  • Contemporary American culture is largely driven by evolution-rooted humanism.
  • Evolution blows away like a house of cards in a hurricane upon only cursory inspection.
  • Bunker busters like radical feminism, multiculturalism, and political correctness have a surface appeal, but devastating underlying goals.
  • Government exists or should exist to provide security and protect God-given freedoms—that’s all. The Judeo-Christian worldview inspires constitutionally-limited small government; the evolution-rooted humanist worldview incites limitless big government.
  • Real freedom has not been a natural condition since the Garden of Eden. Since freedom is unnatural in a fallen world, it must be soul-deep and passionately protected or it will absolutely be lost to tyranny.
  • The pubic educational system has become intellectually inefficient, as well as emotionally and spiritually toxic. Churches/synagogues must promote home schooling and establish a vast number of affordable faith-based schools using existing buildings that sit empty most of the week.
  • Love is spiritual energy. All love comes from God just as all physical energy comes from the sun. As a glass prism breaks up sunlight into a rainbow of colors, the prism of man separates God’s love into a rainbow of services and attitudes toward others, including humility, forgiveness, mercy, longsuffering, and a servant’s spirit. Maturity is possible only to the extent than an individual grows in each of these aspects of love, all of which depend on a network of relationships with others. Solo maturity is not possible.
  • No culture has ever survived the breakdown of the family.
  • Being a homemaker is a career; it is the most important career in the universe. The cohesiveness of families and the sustainability of the American culture exist only to the extent that women fully appreciate the awesome power of the homemaker and become excited about choosing that career path.
  • For most people, a committed lifelong marriage provides the richest possible human experience. For a few people, a deliberately-chosen, goal-directed single life may be preferred.
  • Children raised by strangers will not become adults with a fully embedded array of Judeo-Christian values.
  • Most church/synagogue leaders consider a ministry to be blessed if it increases in numbers and offerings, but that view does not measure the condition of human souls.
  • A holistic worldview deeply affects all areas of life, including the influences of science, art, and music. The Judeo-Christian view of these areas may not be what you think.

Bio for Interviews

Dr. Stebbins has devoted his professional career to working in the iron and steel industry, water and wastewater treatment, a long period in environmental consulting, rising to positions such as Regional Vice President of Operations and Corporate Vice President of Industrial Marketing. During the most recent 15 years he has been teaching university-level courses.

He has always been an active church member. Over the years He has belonged to churches in several denominations, but predominantly Baptist churches. Through the years, he has served at various times in these churches as:

  • Sunday School Teacher
  • Group Leader
  • Adult Sunday School Department Director for nine years (Sunday morning department attendance about 100)
  • Trumpet Player in church orchestras for nearly 20 years
  • Church Visitation—Weekly witnessing-focused church visitation

Along the way, I’ve enjoyed personally supporting several well-known national ministries including:

  • Campus Crusade for Christ
      • Taught witnessing seminars using the Four Spiritual Laws
      • Sponsored a lunch time presentation at my own place of employment assisted by a Campus Crusade film on Christian professional athletes and a live presentation of a former NFL football player
      • Speaker during the 1984, “Year of the Bible” proclaimed by President Ronald Reagan—usually lunch time presentations at large corporations
      • South Jersey Regional Director for a saturation evangelism campaign, themed “I Found It.” It was piloted in Atlanta with a number of churches, lead by Charles Stanley’s church and later expanded nationwide. Dr. Stebbins had the pleasure of coordinating 70-80 churches.
      • Participated in hundreds of Campus Crusade sponsored Bible study group meetings, most frequently formatted as prayer breakfasts or luncheon events.
      • Attended a Campus Crusade-sponsored Conference on Church Management (several hundred pastors attended—He enjoyed being one of only 3-4 lay people in attendance—It’s an amazing story for another day)
  • Billy Graham Evangelistic Association
    • Participated on teams organized to support two of the organization’s evangelistic movies.
    • Served as a counselor at a Billy Graham Crusade in Jacksonville, Florida
  • David Wilkerson’s Youth Crusades (Wilkerson was also the founder of the nationally known and very successful Teen Challenge program for weaning young people from drugs and leading them to a commitment to Christ)
    • Regional director for a program that involved three evangelistic crusade events in New Jersey
  • Lay Witness Missions (Non-denominational ministry: A team of excited turned-on Christian witnesses visit a designated church for a weekend-long series of activities for the sole purpose of leading people to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
    • Participated as a witness in numerous missions covering a large geographical area

Note that his activities for these national organizations was always as an enthusiastic volunteer who merely loves the Lord. He has not been a paid employee of any of the organizations.

Of course, his most profound Christian experience was caring for his late wife 24/7 for seven years, while she endured the debilitating effects of a neurodegenerative condition similar to Alzheimer’s disease. It was a monumentally life-changing experience. Despite the obvious tragedy, the stories of God’s infinite grace during the time abound.

What Others Have Said About the Book

“Dr. Stebbins has written perhaps the most lucid book “destroying the wisdom of the wise and frustrating the intelligence of the intelligent” by presenting a blueprint for the renewal of human society.  The secularists will be flabbergasted, but the faithful will recognize this continuation of the tradition of Kuyper, Chesterton, Schaeffer, and Colson.”

Dr. Eric Dent

University Professor

“Someone needed to write a book that would cast a vision for the transformational possibilities of a healthy and restored American culture. Lloyd Stebbins has done just that! In a straightforward, yet tender voice, Lloyd offers honest and hopeful wisdom on how to return to God’s gracious purposes for America’s families, culture, and government. This is not a trite tome filled with quick fixes and pat answers: just gentle wisdom laced with grace for those who understand the critical time in which we live. Lloyd has captured a truth we all crave, but fear to articulate. With engaging clarity he demonstrates, not just a description of the problems and challenges facing the American culture and family, but a robust blueprint toward a better future.”

Dr. Scott A. Pfingston


“Dr. Stebbins directly confronts vitally important contemporary issues and does so with refreshing candor and occasional humor.  His holistic approach to the critical matters facing the declining American culture and the family is particularly timely; it will inspire the reader to conduct an urgent soul search of the actions required to once again elevate Judeo-Christian values to their rightful place.  This book is a MUST-read!”

Karen Steverson MBA, JD, Esq.

Associate Dean

Regional University

“The overarching Biblical message is an invitation for you and me to be reconciled to God. Yet a multitude of pathways of self-destructive behavior are rapidly consuming America’s culture and the family unit. Stebbins’ urgent wakeup call is a must-read. He uniquely challenges the reader to understand the universal availability of God’s invitation and soulfully appreciate the incomparable splendor and magnitude of His reconciliation. A culture or family largely responsive to God’s invitation is more magnificent than anything the human mind can imagine.”

Yolie Ferrari

Homemaker, Realtor

Suggested Interview Topics

The range of interview topics is a broad as the list of speaking topics found at the Speaking page on this blog site.

Sample Interview Questions

  1. What inspired you to write the book?
  2. Tell us about your 15-year personal journey when personal, professional, and spiritual interests dovetailed toward the writing of this book?
  3. What is your vision for the book?
  4. What is your specific goal for the book?
  5. Why are your concerns and message expressed with a sense of urgency?
  6. What is the underlying theme of the book?
  7. How does a worldview drive individuals, families, and a nation?
  8. What are the roots of the undeniable crisis? How did we get here from there?
  9. Why is the traditional family so vital to America’s culture?
  10. What has weakened so many modern churches and how can they be restored to prominence
  11. Specifically, what can people in the audience do to participate in the awesome remedy?

What is the Next Step?

Just your consideration is awesome encouragement for me. For further conversations about speaking to your organization and my availability, you can easily reach me at

©2014 Lloyd Stebbins

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