America Unmoored from Three Vital Anchors

Three vital rock-solid anchors have made America strong and virtually impregnable for hundreds of years. Today, all three are targets of relentless attacks that threaten to destroy the American culture and the nation.

Anchors Part 1

The strength of a culture emerges from the continuous interactions of the intellectual, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the culture. Each must have its own anchor. The interactions among the three become a strong tether that assures a cohesive family and a sustainable culture that will be passed from generation to generation. “And if one prevail against him, two shall withstand him; and a threefold cord is not quickly broken.” [Ecclesiastes 4:12 KJV] In America, the three anchors are:

  1. The Bible—spiritual anchor
  2. U.S. Constitution—physical/intellectual anchor
  3. The Family—emotional anchor

The Bible is the spiritual anchor—the ultimate anchor. It is known by many believers as the inspired, inerrant Word of God. It is directly inspired by God and is without error.

The combination of the Declaration of Independence and the U. S. Constitution is the physical/intellectual anchor. It is an earthly embodiment of the Biblical message. It was the Founders’ desire to build Biblical principles into the founding documents in such a way that those principles would operate freely for posterity. Although the documents are not inspired by God, they are informed by scriptural principles as the Founders understood them.

The family, as God created and designed it is the emotional anchor. The three anchors are rock-solid. Anything that weakens any one or all of them is like whittling away at one or more legs of a three-legged stool. Eventually, the stool will fall.

All three anchors are a reflection of God’s infinite love and perfect wisdom. Any effort to change, alter, dilute, move away from, or re-characterize any of the anchors places man’s wisdom higher than God’s wisdom, causing individuals and the national culture to drift away from God.

Millennia ago, God identified through scripture certain thoughts and activities as sin, because they puff self and weaken the family. The family, as God designed it, is the only way to preserve a thriving human culture from generation to generation. Banning sinful thoughts or activities is God’s way of bolstering and protecting the family. America’s network of pre-1960 temporal laws prohibiting Biblical sin, reinforced the integrity of the family.

Personal growth in godly character is a lifetime journey learning to value others before self. Such learning must begin early within the family as parents and children learn from each other as they face daily challenges that tend to reinforce prideful self at the expense of others. If people do not learn to exercise self-restraint and value others before self, within the family, they are unlikely to learn it anywhere else. In the absence of collective, cultural self-restraint, a culture or country declines rapidly into chaos and self-destruction.

What happened? The answer will be in the next blog.

What does it take to wake up the body of believers?

What does it take to wake up the clergy?

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