America and Believers Go From Selfless to Selfish! (Part 3)

Personal Responsibility

Judeo-Christian tradition insists on personal responsibility, meaning that each individual is responsible for the consequences of both selfless and selfish behaviors. Each individual will enjoy the benefits of selfless behaviors and live with the extended pain of the selfish behaviors, without external intervention.

Secular Humanism minimizes personal responsibility and readily accepts claims shifting the blame to others. Government programs, euphemistically called ‘entitlement programs,’ often pay for and therefore reward the consequences of sin. Examples include the vast bureaucracies designed to support divorce, government-financed abortion, child care, and alternative lifestyles. The table compares the ultimate outcomes of both lifestyles. In effect, the government is saying we are entitled to sin.

Selfless Living Assures

Selfish Living Breaks Down

Bullet proof marriage


Cohesive family

Sustainable culture


National Stability to Posterity


Sin hides in the darkness; love thrives in the light. Sin and love always have opposing consequences that ripple through the third and fourth generation. Selfish behavior puts career first. Selfless behavior puts family first.

To fully understand the benefits of selfless living contrasted with the ultimate pain of selfish living, we must understand the enormity of the gap between good and evil; God and Satan; and love and sin. Compare sinfulness and godliness.


Sinfulness is a mindset predisposed to sin and satisfying the needs and desires of self. Sin is natural and reinforced by modern culture. Sin is driven by pride, always selfish and at the expense of others, typically many others. Sinfulness leads to the addictive use of technology, sex without marriage, cohabitation, abortion, giving up a child for adoption, premature use of a nursing home, divorce, adultery, illegal drugs, gambling, pornography, gay/lesbian couple adoption, excessive materialism, time/money devoted to self-indulgence, and the avoidance of marriage and children.

Abortion is a crime against God and the unborn baby; it is not birth control

Sin blocks or destroys a person’s desire to share faith with others; Love magnifies (amplifies) the desire to share faith. Love simply overflows from the selfless believer.


Judeo-Christian godliness is a mindset predisposed to love and satisfying the needs and desires of others. Due to inborn pride, godliness is unnatural. It usually grows slowly and can only be protected and reinforced by surrounding oneself with likeminded believers. God never intended the believer to stand alone.

One cannot live for God, family, and others apart from the enabling power of the Holy Spirit, especially in today’s “everybody’s doing it” culture. Believers must be surrounded by faithful people who do not engage in the self-centered lifestyle. Standing alone against powerful Humanistic cultural pressure, constantly amplified by the news and advertising media, commercial entertainment, politicians, and academia, is a bit like spitting into an oncoming tsunami.

God blesses the life of those who wait and their descendants through the third and fourth generations with:

  • Fullness of marriage
  • Devotion of children
  • Comfort of lasting love
  • Certainty of faithfulness
  • Less stress
  • Less anxiety

Compare God’s many blessings with the modern predisposition to sacrifice marriage, by avoidance or divorce, and sacrifice children, by not having them or by allowing them to be raised by strangers. How many of the selfish behaviors have you personally experienced? How many have you actively or tacitly endorsed among your friends (HINT: Silence is an endorsement.)?

Has the comfort of other compromisers scarred your conscience or is there still room for the piercing conviction of God’s Word? The transformation to a true Judeo-Christian culture can only happen one person at a time. It begins with YOU. You MUST take a stand, supported by other believers, rather than compromise and seek the support of other compromisers. Spread God’s love every waking moment and vote for candidates of strong character.

What does it take to wake up the body of believers?

What does it take to wake up the clergy?

5 thoughts on “America and Believers Go From Selfless to Selfish! (Part 3)

  1. I agree. However, entitlement programs have to be assessed on a case by case basis. Social Security is an entitlement program. So is Medicare. So are Food Stamps (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance). In an imperfect world, children are often the ones to pay the prices for the sins and errors of adults. Thanks as always for a thought provoking post, Dr. Stebbins!

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  2. I was specifically addressing the entitlement programs that subsidize wrong behavior and produce, “vast bureaucracies designed to support divorce, government-financed abortion, child care, and alternative lifestyles.” The desirability of social security and Medicare may have been debatable at the time they were created. However, today they are both firmly embedded in the culture. Disturbing them would cause widespread hardship, especially after many people have been paying into them all their lives. I’d like to share more. However, I dislocated my shoulder several days ago. It keeps my message short for now.

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