American Culture in Free Fall

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America, specifically the United States of America has been truly blessed in extraordinary ways throughout most of its history on this continent. However, in the last fifty years there has been a readily observable and measurable decline in the American culture.

The importance of lifelong character development has largely been lost. A true understanding of the intimate and inescapable link between the cohesiveness of the traditional family and the cohesiveness and sustainability of the American culture has faded rapidly. Children have become virtually disposable by abortion, neglect, or surrendering them to strangers to grow up with an endless procession of day care centers, government-sponsored programs and schools, and babysitters while mom and dad devote their best and highest priority time to chasing the elusive “successful career.”

The millennia-long multicultural definition of the family is rapidly being diluted to near oblivion. The decline has reached the point that all major institutions (media, education, politics, and entertainment) are dominated and driven by people with an evolution-driven humanistic often godless mindset. The juggernaut of decline is diving toward chaos or totalitarian government control of every aspect of life. Freedom is becoming little more than a legend related by the oldest seniors to their grandchildren and great grandchildren.

To what do YOU attribute the decline of American culture and the family?


4 thoughts on “American Culture in Free Fall

  1. To what do YOU attribute the decline of American culture and the family? Multiculturalism, Illegal migration, a socialist wing of the U.S. government, high U.S. debt, inflation, poor political leadership, legalizing drugs and gambling, large government, not enforcing laws,
    throwing GOD out of the Nation, trashing our Constitution, politicians pitting one group against another,
    and allowing anyone to marry any other person.


    1. Great question, Jaysee. The short answer is all of the above. However, most are symptoms, rather than underlying causes. They are all discussed in my upcoming book; relevant excerpts will appear in this blog over time. Meanwhile, let’s look at the underlying cause:
      Properly understood, the Christian life is the most exciting life in the world. Sadly, many Christians have been numbed to that excitement over time. As a result, outsiders look at us a judgmental, narrow-minded, dupes. That dichotomy is ultimately responsible for all the ills of America and the family.

      The problem is that our self-inflicted drift away from God in recent decades paved the way for virtually all today’s social and family controversies. A few years ago, a pastor commented that Christians no longer have a culture. We have become caught in the backdraft of the drifting secular culture. A year later the Catholic Pope was asked what is the greatest challenge facing the church today. He replied that the greatest problem is the secularization of the church. His response sounded very much like the comment made by the protestant minister. Zooming in just a bit, we’ve been taught since kindergarten that to understand anything, we must break it down and analyze the parts. Consider going the other way. Zoom out. From a holistic viewpoint, a view that is unfamiliar to many, virtually every controversial issue becomes a no-brainer in favor of the Biblical standard. Since God created everything, he does not have to analyze anything. His view is necessarily holistic. If we are to take on the character of God, a process called spiritual growth, should we not learn something about His holistic perspective. Watch this blog for additional development of the concept. What do you think?


  2. Phillip E.

    I’m honestly hopeful for the renewal of the body of Christ in our generation. Yes, the trend seems to be to press the limits and to go further than we’ve ever gone before but I also believe that the connectedness of our society, despite its inherent pitfalls (like living and socializing more and more online and virtually) we are more aware of each other and more a part of each other than ever before. I am hopeful that our generation will spread out God’s love like never before because when one person shows their faith, so many are able to benefit and are able to see this public proclamation. For instance, when I was baptized recently, the pictures of it went directly from my church to my facebook as I was tagged in it. I have a few hundred friends and it’s likely that 5-10 percent (maybe more, likely, much more) saw the photos and were able witness my public proclamation of accepting Jesus and the Holy Spirit into my life and to wash clean that which was unclean. I believe in a renewal of the church and a renewal of the love of God being shown upon my generation and the generation below. Thank you for your thoughts and starting this conversation.

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    1. Phillip, I share your optimism. Over the last 50 years, the American culture overall has drifted further and further away from God. The Christian culture has been caught in the backdraft and dragged along with it. Like Lot of ancient times, the American Christian culture pitched it’s tent toward Sodom. They have since virtually moved in. The underlying root cause of every cultural, social, and family controversy is Christians and Jews not living the life that God intended. But God is still in charge. The body of believers is a sleeping giant. They must be awakened and inspired with a determination to wade in to the cultural storms of modern life to be a visible expression of God’s light. The Holy Spirit resides within us. We need to let Him out once in a while to allow God’s light to shine through.


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