Great new book, just out! “Resistance to Socialism IS Obedience to God”

The United States is on a shocking pathway to totalitarianism; Socialism is just a milestone. Growing numbers of conservatives AND liberals have publicly warned of the numerous, increasingly conspicuous signs. Lethargic, apathetic, largely silent Judeo-Christian believers and their leaders have been among the most profound enablers of America’s modern flight away from God.

The common refrain, “I keep my politics and religion separate” is a powerfully deceptive delusion. America’s freedom, greater than any since the Garden of Eden, is a gift from God, not a grant from government. His great gift must be actively protected by believers, who are the conscience of the nation. When believers are silent, the nation has no conscience. A nation without a conscience is on a suicidal path.

Nearly four centuries of seamless observations, by the most prominent American leaders have compared America to the Biblical Promised Land. God’s overwhelming blessings have been historically unprecedented. Until recently, love of God has sustained a United States envied worldwide. As America increasingly runs away from God, His hand of blessing is slowly withdrawn. The coming collapse can only be prevented by energized, fervently praying, awakened and fully engaged believers; without them America will collapse.

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