Wake Up America–or Die! The Undeniable Crisis & The Awesome Remedy

America, specifically the United States of America has been truly blessed in extraordinary ways throughout most of its history on this continent. However, in the last fifty years there has been a readily observable and measurable decline in the American culture. The importance of lifelong character development has largely been lost.

A true understanding of the intimate and inescapable link between the cohesiveness of the traditional family and the cohesiveness and sustainability of the American culture has faded rapidly. Children have become virtually disposable by abortion, neglect, or surrendering them to strangers to grow up with an endless procession of day care centers, government-sponsored programs and schools, and babysitters while mom and dad devote their best and highest priority time to chasing the elusive “successful career.”

The millennia-long traditional, Biblical, and only sustainable definition of the family is rapidly being diluted to near oblivion. The decline has reached the point that all major institutions (media, education, politics, and entertainment) are dominated and driven by people with an evolution-driven humanistic often godless mindset. The juggernaut of decline is diving toward chaos or totalitarian government control of every aspect of life. Freedom is becoming little more than a legend related by the oldest seniors to their grandchildren and great grandchildren.

If that does not frighten or at least seriously disturb you, read the books. If it does, read the books, which follow the trail from the Founders hard fought freedom codified in the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution to the desperate chaotic conditions of today. The first five chapters deal with the undeniable crisis. Chapters 6-7 begin the journey toward the awesome remedy. The second volume completes the awesome journey. There is a sense in which this book is addressed to the broadest possible audience. But in another sense it carries an especially urgent and compelling message to a more specific group of Judeo-Christian believers. Unless a substantial portion of believers are inspired to become part of the awesome remedy, the amazing country that we inherited will eventually cease to exist, at least in any recognizable form.

These two elegant volumes provide a great handbook for all aspects of Christian living. Compelling sections analyze contemporary Christian history, government, family life, love, happiness, maturity, and freedom. Additional chapters offer intensely practical solutions for contemporary cultural controversies. Finally, the books offer detailed Christian views of science, music, art, education and finally a specific plan for real practical change, beginning with the family, extending through the church and ultimately to the American culture.

The books are supported by 27 powerful endorsements, many from nationally or internationally known figures such as Josh McDowell, Dr. Judith Reisman, William Federer, Major General Bob Dees, U.S. Army (retired), Dr. Michael Brown, Dr. Frank Turek, Coach Bobby Bowden (retired), Rabbi Daniel Lapin, David and Jason Benham, Dr. Jerry Vines, and a host of ministers from a diverse array of denominations and rabbis.

Find the books at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million and many other outlets. The books are available in paperback and online editions (Kindle/Nook).

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