2 thoughts on “Skating on Paper Thin Ice

  1. The church I attend has a worship band that uses what I thought was Contemporary Christian Music. Each song has a thoroughly Christian message, and the songs chosen usually relate to the sermon, which stress Biblical instruction. So when read this post I sort of scratched my head, wondering at the problem. Then I decided to look up CCM and saw the associations with rock & roll. Nope. I doubt Rock & Roll would make good worship music.

    Given the bilge people call music these days, I sympathize with the message here. I just caution that we tend to categorize things a bit too carelessly. What is Contemporary Christian Music? I guess it refers to music written today, not just Rock & Roll with sexy references to Christianity.

    Some of the music written today is good, and some of it is not. That is, I don’t think the issue is the fact the music is contemporary. The music leader at a church has to do his job responsibly. He has to choose music with a Biblical message that encourages people to contemplate their Savior, not rock to a maniacal beat. The problem is that too many people don’t know their Bibles well enough to choose contemporary music appropriately.

    Producing Christian music is a business enterprise. If the customer buys music that is inappropriately labelled Christian, more such music will be produced.

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    1. Thanks for the thoughtful comments C.T. I agree with your line of reasoning. This particular blog is not my own. It is a reblog that I liked. I believe the blogger used CCM (contemporary Christian music) as a euphemism for so called Christian rock. I agree with your comments that whether music is new or old it must conform to the Biblical criteria you discussed.

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