Five Frightening Election Words!

donald trump

Here are five frightening words for all voters who backed losing candidates in the Republican primaries and who are threatening to sit out the November election because they don’t like Donald Trump:

Supreme Court Justice Barack Obama.

The choice in November is clear – it will be either Donald Trump or

Hillary Clinton, and a no-vote or a third party vote is the same as a vote for Hillary Clinton.

If Hillary Clinton, arguably the most dishonest and corrupt person ever to run for President of the United States, wins, she likely will name President Obama to the Supreme Court for several very good reasons:

  1. he has covered her backside, no easy task that, in the email server scandals and now wants payback;
  2. he claims credentials as a Constitutional lawyer;
  3. he is buying a mansion in Washington D.C. and has made no secret of his desire to stay in the capitol; and
  4. he could complete his “fundamental transformation”  of our Republic during a lifetime on the Supreme Court.

If that’s not enough to scare everyone into voting, I don’t know what will.

What does it take to wake up the body of believers?

What does it take to wake up the clergy?

12 thoughts on “Five Frightening Election Words!

      1. I don’t know if I recommend the movie or not, but it certainly portrays Satan as he is. The language and scenery are rough though. I saw a sanitized version with lots of editing for TV, but it was still quite the most perceptive portrayal of the workings of Lucifer and his earthly followers that I have ever seen in fiction.

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        1. There’s a great very old movie called, “The Devil and Daniel Webster” (Black & White, 1941). The great orator and lawyer, Senator Daniel Webster tries a case against the Devil, for the soul of Jabez Stone. Surprisingly, the Devil assembles a jury of history’s greatest villains.

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          1. I’ve seen that one too! Excellent, and as you say the jurors are all villains. Which is also what fills our courts, legislature, judiciary, executive offices, and sometimes even law enforcement.

            There are people serving lengthy sentences, for doing a minuscule percentage of what the Clintons’ have on their resume.

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            1. Al Capone was a master of the illegal shakedown. His disciple, Sol Alinski made the shakedown socially acceptable. Alinski’s disciples, Obama and Hillary made the shakedown legal. The Clintons seem to be above the law, because those who would otherwise hold them accountable are guilty of the same offenses. The Clingons are just better at it.

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  1. Donna Allen

    Lloyd I read most of your writing and find it mesmerizing. Have you actually published your book and if so, where might I find it? As usual, your writings are thought provoking and a sincere challenge to help others find answers to life’s real problems. The study you put into answering some of today’s/God’s true answers to get our world, family’s, youth and elderly back on track to save our people and nation, from the sure destruction to which we are headed, unless God hears our prayers of humility and we seek HIS face.

    Hope this finds you and yours doing well, Proud of our daughter in every way. i know her faith is playing a big part in her work and life as she continues to seek His Will in her life.Take care and I hope to hear from you. Donna

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    1. Donna, thank you so much for your very kind thoughts. I speak with many individuals, ministers, and rabbis and am continually stunned by the lack of alarm and even interest in the accelerating collapse of the American culture. Those of us old enough to remember are the last generation that knows what it is like to live in a culture largely driven by Judeo-Christian tradition. It has been so for over 400 years, since the arrival of the first settlers. Younger generations, including the clergy, have been born and raised in a broken culture.

      As such, when people from younger generations offer the typical verbal Pablum, “the times are changing” or “you’re just old fashioned,” I’m compelled to inform them that they are not merely disagreeing with me (that doesn’t really matter), they are trashing morals, lifestyles, and practices that have been accepted for over 6,000 years in most cultures. I usually add, “Are you ready to presume that you are wiser that just about everybody who has ever lived, simply because we have an abundance of impressive technology at our fingertips? Are you wiser than God? (if he or she is a believer).

      This blog site was created to promote my book. It is not yet published. Hopefully, publication is getting closer. Meanwhile, I have coauthored another book and study guide with Dr. Judith Reisman. The book and study guide are titled, “Stolen Honor–Stolen Innocence–Stolen Family–Stolen American; Recovered Family/America.

      Dr. Reisman is nationally known for exposing Dr. Alfred Kinsey (supposed “sexologist” who nearly single-handedly destroyed the American culture) as a total fraud. She has also devoted her life to combating pornography and child sexploitation in any form. She has published about 6 books. Her amazing credentials are listed along with the other endorsers of my book on this blog site.

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