The Sexual Revolution; Cruelty to Women Especially…Gender pt 2

Pastor Bill has effectively summarized significant sections of my upcoming new book, “Wake Up America–or Die! YOU Must Save America and the Family.”

Pastor Bill Randles Blog

A righteous man regardeth the life of his beast: but the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel.(Proverbs 12:10)

For more than 70 years there has been an out of control forest-fire raging in the former Judeo/Christian world, which has wreaked seismic levels of misery and even death to literally millions of people. Ironically the scope of the evil it has inflicted, is little appreciated, in fact there are many who believe this out of control cultural fire represents “progress”.

I speak of the Sexual revolution.

This raging and destructive fire was sparked by a confluence of historical events, such as the demands of World War 2, which brought women out of the home into the workplace in unprecedented numbers, the collapse of the authority of the church in men’s minds (replaced by ‘science’ , Psychology, and notions of modern progress), the dawn of a mass media/entertainment complex, television,  the…

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