Big Guns are Aimed at YOUR FAMILY! Will It Survive? (Part 4F)

mother and child little daughter planting vegetable in home garden field

Leverage the Forgotten Power of the Homemaker

Acclaim and demonstrate the vital importance of the homemaker—The Biblical homemaker enjoys the most vital and exciting career in the universe. Family and culture decline rapidly when the homemaker leaves home. To destroy a culture, remove the homemaker from the home. A major strategy of the spiritual and temporal enemies of the traditional family is to deflate or collapse the family by enticing the homemaker out of the home. But God says otherwise, “The women of my people have ye cast out from their pleasant houses; from their children have ye taken away my glory forever. Arise ye, and depart; for this is not your rest: because it is polluted, it shall destroy you, even with a sore destruction.” [Micah 2:9, &10 KJV] All roads go through the homemaker; she is the real, not just metaphorical heart of the home:

The homemaker is the heart of the home physically—Everyone is born through the womb of the mother. The bond between mother and child begins at the moment of conception and strengthens throughout the child’s growing time in the womb. No other bond in the universe comes close to matching the early mother-child bond. The bond is reinforced during the period of breast-feeding and continues to grow even as the mother lets go of the emancipated adult. Her loving bond with the father cements the continuity of generations, is a source of personal satisfaction for both, and provides desperately needed role models for the children. Her efforts to maintain or improve the home environment are an expression of love for her husband and children.

The homemaker is the heart of the home intellectually—Scripture assigns parents the responsibility of educating the children. For millennia, the mother was the primary teacher, later assisted by the Church. Schools were created by the Church to teach children about life, God, and His amazing creation. The great universities, including most Ivy League schools, were founded to teach young men to be ministers. But in the last century, the Church and parents have largely abdicated their roles and responsibilities for education in favor of government schools that have become increasingly abusive regarding all aspects of Judeo-Christian tradition. Raising the children is far more than simply taking care of the children.

The homemaker is the heart of the home emotionally—Children learn emotional awareness and compassion far more from the mother than from the father. Indulging a sports analogy, dad is primarily a coach; mom is the quarterback, the source and catalyst of virtually all action in the family and the home. What would happen on game day if the quarterback decided to go fishing instead of instead of going to the stadium? The athletic coach probably has a backup quarterback who may not perform quite as well as the star quarterback. But in the home, every homemaker is a star and there is no backup when she is not there.

The homemaker is the heart of the home spiritually—In most homes, it is the mother who primarily instills spiritual principles through day-to-day training. Often it is the mother who takes the children to church or synagogue. Shame on the dads who are not the spiritual leaders in their homes as well. But even in the homes where dad is a strong spiritual leader, the children still spend far more time with the mother and are therefore more available to her for spiritual training. Dad becomes the reinforcer.

These vitally important lessons are not learned when strangers, such as nursery schools, babysitters, an endless round of age-graded day care centers, and government-run schools raise the children. Lifestyle absentee parenting is tragic and leads to disastrous consequences.

To survive, a family must actively and irrevocably commit to Biblical values and fight aggressively and continuously to maintain those values.

No civilization has ever survived the breakdown of the family.

If parents want their children and grandchildren to enjoy a free society (country), they absolutely must deeply embed Biblical family values in their children. It is an impossible task for absentee parents.

In perilous times, there will be people “Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof…Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.” [2 Timothy 3: 5 & 7 KJV] Never be satisfied with a “form of godliness.” Do everything God’s way. You will be glad you did.

What does it take to wake up the body of believers?

What does it take to wake up the clergy?

8 thoughts on “Big Guns are Aimed at YOUR FAMILY! Will It Survive? (Part 4F)

  1. This is a fascinating article! I love it. I am a homemaker of 11 years. Two wonderful boys, 10 1/2 and 2 1/2…

    I believe as a mother, I am my children greatest teacher. I am the best reflection of God’s tangible love to them. When we first decided to homeschool and raise our family upon the values of biblical scriptures it didn’t come easy. My mom and a few thought I should work some outside the home just to give me some time for myself. Sometimes, that sound good. But, I had to focus on the truth. I had to remind myself of my commitment to God, then my family.

    So with that said, we have had some amazing days. And I’m honored to be their mom, Sunday school teacher, mentor, quidiance, protector, leader, most of all their mommy:-)!

    Thank you for writing this article. I shared it with my husband and he said it helps him to see things even more clearer.

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    1. Great comments, Renee. Our culture has almost completely lost sight of the power of the homemaker. She is the connector between past and future generations. She is the source of cohesion in the family and sustainability in the culture. When the woman leaves the home to pursue an outside career, the results are ultimately catastrophic. Love leaves the home like air out of a flat tire. The home becomes just the house–the place where people go to sleep at night, because they have nowhere else to go.

      Check the top left corner of this screen. You’ll see two red icons, one is three horizontal bars, the other looks like a file folder. Clicking back and forth on them toggles between an expanded and contracted navigation pane. Look at the expanded view; you’ll see a list of categories. One of them is “Homemaker.” Click on Homemaker and it will pull up only those messages related to the Biblical homemaker. Being a homemaker not only IS a career, it is the most important career in the universe. You’ll definitely like what you see. I greatly appreciate your comments and look forward to seeing more.

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      1. I definitely will read more…Your insight is so inspiring. God could be sending you as an answer to my prayer…I have been back and forth for years about working. I prayed a few days ago and asked God to speak to me. What should I do? And then you came along!!!
        I am rejoicing! I can’t wait to read more….even my husband wants to read more. I’m just feel God is speaking to ME!!!

        THANK YOU:-)!

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        1. Thank you, Renee. On the practical side, accountants have demonstrated that a second wage earner, usually the woman, in a family with two children must make at least $60,000/year to break even after all the expenses. That means if she gets a job making $65,000/year, she works fulltime or more for a year for a net gain of only $5,000. I can’t imagine any woman being willing to trade a year with her children for a mere $5,000. What to you think?

          As a Christian, look up Micah 2:9-10 KJV. God has some harsh words for anyone who would force or peer-pressure a woman away from her home and children. What do YOU think?

          When I teach university-level courses online, there are numerous get acquainted messages posted for the first day or so. Occasionally, a young mother posts a message something like, “I stay home to take care of the kids.” As fast as my fingers will hit the keyboard, my reply is, “NO you don’t stay home to take care of the kids. You can pay someone to do that. You stay home to RAISE the kids. There is a huge and vitally important difference.” Typically, the mother responds with a thank you expressed in humbly apologetic language.

          There is no one like Mom. That’s why the mortally wounded soldier lying on the battlefield calls for his mom not dad. Watch an NFL football game on TV. When a menacing-looking lineman sitting on the bench catches himself on camera, he silently mouths the words, “Hi Mom;” never “Hi Dad.” There’s a reason for that. Check out the other Homemaker messages. Then stay tuned for more.

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          1. Wow!!! I’m so excited reading your post…Thank you Thank you. You are really speaking to my heart.

            You are really breaking it down for me. I can’t wait to read more. Bless you Dr Lloyd Stebbins. You have helped me..Thank you again!

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