Warfare in the Spiritual Realm Incites Behavior in the Physical Realm!

           The battle between the advocates of the Judeo-Christian worldview and the advocates of the evolution-driven humanistic worldview has been astonishingly aggressive. The extreme intensity and relentless endurance of the battle strongly suggests the involvement of an unseen power or powers. That world of unseen powers we call the spirit world.

Temptation of a businessman with angel and devil

          God defines good and evil in Scripture. His love fuels and drives, or should drive the lives of believers. Pride leveraged by Satan drives the lives of advocates of Humanism. In his book, Angels, Billy Graham explained:

“We live in a perpetual battlefield…The wars among the nations on earth are mere popgun affairs compared to the fierceness of battle in the spiritual unseen world. This invisible spiritual conflict is waged around us incessantly and unremittingly. Where the Lord works, Satan’s forces hinder; where angel beings carry out divine directives, the devils rage. All this comes about because the powers of darkness press their counterattack to recapture the ground held for the glory of God…

Since the fall of Lucifer, that angel of light and son of the morning, there has been no respite in the bitter Battle of the Ages. Night and day Lucifer, the master craftsman of the devices of darkness, labors to thwart God’s plan of the ages. We can find inscribed on every page of human history the consequences of the evil brought to fruition by the powers of darkness with the devil in charge. Satan never yields an inch, nor does he ever pause in his opposition to the plan of God to redeem the “cosmos” from his control.”

          Satan works to capture or destroy God’s greatest creation, mankind made in the likeness or image of God. God’s plan is to preserve and save as many as possible for the Kingdom of Heaven. Satan fans the flame of pride. He relentlessly whispers, “Do what YOU want…” God commands us to love others first. The power of His love is the fuel for ours. Pre-existing pride gives Satan the starting advantage. Only if God is voluntarily chosen can His love flow freely through the individual enabling unconditional love of others.

          In the Old Testament, the Lord’s faithfulness was often demonstrated by protecting the Israelites from physical harm providing food and securing land on which to live, which frequently meant prevailing in battle despite being greatly outnumbered. “…the battle is the Lord’s…” [1 Samuel 17:47 KJV]

          The New Testament battle is fought to prevent the hearts and souls of people from being ensnared by the spiritual enemy. “We do not battle to gain ground from our enemies as Israel did with the Canaanites; we battle for and seek to gain lost souls snared by the great enemy, Satan and his kingdom of darkness, and through the gospel of salvation see them translated from the devil’s domain to the “kingdom of [God’s] dear Son. [Colossians 1:12] “…the enemy…is the devil…” [Matthew 13:37-39 KJV]

          Both the Old Testament and the New Testament repeatedly characterize the fight as in the spiritual realm between God and His angels battling Satan and his demons. Mankind is the prize because humanity is the greatest expression of God’s love and His greatest creative achievement.

            God continues to love and protect people today, but He nevertheless has given them a free will. They are free to love Him or hate Him. A scriptural love of God inspires the Judeo-Christian worldview championed throughout the Bible and this book. A rejection of God incites the humanistic evolution-rooted worldview. God continues to bless those who seek and love Him and withdraws the blessing from those who ignore or abandon Him.

          Throughout the centuries, the spiritual enemy has planted the seeds of doubt in the minds of people, “Did god really say…?” It is a powerful weapon in the spiritual battle that enables a continuing and subtle drift away from God and His incomparable Word, the Bible. As the seeds grow they produce the fruit of unbelief. In modern times the seeds of doubt have been fertilized by the theory of evolution, watered by the Humanist Manifesto, and championed by the liberal progressive movement. Throughout recorded history, there has been a small number of completely faithful believers and a small number of undeterred atheists. In between, there has been a very large number of vulnerable believers.

          As the overall American culture has drifted away from God in recent decades, the mass of vulnerable believers has been caught in the back draft, albeit a few steps behind. Today, believers can still point to lifestyle habits that they cultivate or avoid. But the differences between the Biblical culture of believers and the secular culture are shrinking as believers increasingly adopt unscriptural rationalizations and support tragic choices and decisions related to divorce; abortion; infanticide; euthanasia; premature reliance on nursing homes; ungodly expansion of government, which for many has become the new god; and the downward redefinition of marriage and family.

           The migration from a godly worldview to an ungodly worldview results from an endless sequence of slight compromises. We have seen that there is actually very little academically defensible scientific support for biological evolution, but spiritual devolution, i.e. erosion of spiritual convictions, has become a modern reality.

          Is there a new normal? What is normal? Normal is an elusive and difficult to define concept. However you define normal, it is moving at an accelerating pace toward the darkness of humanism. God is still God. He is still the only and infinite source of love. YOU must be or become plugged into His infinite wellspring of love and be committed to energetically and frequently serving the needs of others as a priority lifestyle. His love must shine so brightly through YOU that people are compelled to ask, “What makes YOU so different?” Then—tell’em!!!! Above all, continue to serve! Serve! Serve!

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