Big Government is NOT Sustainable

Of course much of small government discussion in a recent blog is viewed as irrelevant by people who are skeptical of the Bible and whose life is largely driven by the theory of evolution. Since people are assumed to be merely the highest evolved animal, it appears reasonable for the best and brightest to be given whatever authority is necessary to make decisions for the masses and whatever resources are necessary to execute their authority. Hence, the virtually uncontrolled expansion of big government:

  • There is never enough power or money to satisfy the ego and pride of people in control.
  • In the absence of spiritual and emotional influences, decisions tend to be made on a cold practical utilitarian basis, unshackled by the notions of purpose or principle.
  • Individual freedom is progressively lost as government demands more and more power.

l'unione fa la forza

The power continues to concentrate and government grows until it becomes unsustainable Totalitarian power becomes the inevitable endpoint. The relentless drive to achieve uniformity and “fairness” stifles individual creativity. A major problem is that fairness like beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. There is simply no universally agreed upon definition or standard of fairness. Nevertheless, the notion of fairness continues to resonate well with many voters. In contrast, the Scriptural standard is an integration of judgment and mercy. When the two concepts are in opposition, mercy wins. “…mercy rejoiceth against judgment.” [James 2:13 KJV]

Big Government is evoked by evolution.

  • People are controlled by government; power is dispensed by government as “rights” or “benefits.”
  • The supporting propaganda is generally unrestricted, because many of the promoters have bought into postmodern thinking, which maintains that there is no absolute truth.
  • Big government advocates tend to promote their views with emotion, because the facts of history lead to the inescapable conclusion that small government is better, and because the emotion obscures the cancerous growth of government and feeds the notion that people can get an endless list of freebies from the government.

When YOU compare small government and big government what conclusions to you draw?

2 thoughts on “Big Government is NOT Sustainable

  1. Jamie

    Everyone seems to think they are entitled to something for nothing. I am not sure where this sense of entitlement came from, but I see it more and more frequently. A bigger government just means more room for mistakes and more debt with the mistakes.


  2. One of the reasons the Pilgrims ultimately survived is their rule the anyone who does not work does not eat. The concept actually comes from the Bible, 2 Thessalonians 3:10. Clearly, we must earn what we receive.

    Look closely at the federal entitlement programs. Most of them subsidize sin in one way or another. President Ronald Reagan and others have observed that you get more of whatever is subsidized by the government. As such, the so called entitlement programs continue to grow and our sinful culture continues to expand. Entitlements are also a way of buying votes. What do you think?


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