Homemaker Enjoys The Most Important Career in the Universe!

A Homemaker enjoys the most influential and vital career in the universe. She is responsible for the stability of a culture and the cohesiveness of the family. She is the panoramic link in time, connecting the generations. She links the past to the future, ancestors to descendants. She is primarily responsible for raising the children in a manner that stabilizes their future and transmits critically important values to the next generation. In short, she makes the home the most desirable place in the universe for her family.

When the homemaker leaves the home, love leaves like air out of a flat tire. The home becomes the house, little more than the building where everyone comes to sleep at night.


Consider the fruit of a family-centered family as opposed to a career-centered family:

  • Builds strong cohesive families when Dad is responsible for standard-of-living and Mom is responsible for quality-of-life
  • Promotes a partnership between married men and women that grows closer with time
  • Children reared by those who love them most…Mom and Dad
  • Low risk monogamous sex provides for pleasure and reproduction
  • Number and frequency of venereal diseases sharply reduced and largely eliminated
  • Few abortions, because the unborn child is an expression of the parents’ love
  • One man; one woman; one lifetime is the stable marriage norm accepted for six millennia
  • Men and women both desire the stability of marriage
  • Stable relationships between a man and a woman due to the certainty of the marriage commitment
  • Infrequent divorce due to love and respect for spouse as well as responsibility for children
  • Legacy of cultural stability passed on to successive generations
  • Children experience and enjoy the complementary influences of a mom and a dad
  • “Alternative lifestyles” viewed as against nature, culturally destructive, and inappropriate especially when children are involved
  • Children are more stable, less stressed, more secure, and behavior is more predictable and…when necessary…more controllable
  • Husband and father is vital to the well-being of the family
  • Preserves and reinforces the sanctity of life and sanctity of marriage
  • Protects and reinforces the sovereignty of the family
  • Lifestyle evokes a happier and healthier woman and strong family relationships

What do you think? Have we lost something vitally important in our modern American culture?

10 thoughts on “Homemaker Enjoys The Most Important Career in the Universe!

  1. Priscilla Sackett

    I agree completely. But women were brainwashed into thinking they were unhappy and unfulfilled. Maybe the marriage didn’t suffer, but the children bore the brunt.


  2. That’s right, Pris. Prior to the radical feminist movement, women in the home were often underappreciated, rather than abused as is often claimed. The true role and vital importance of the homemaker continues to be underappreciated today. Sadly, many of today’s children are growing up with effectively absentee parents and we are reaping the unfortunate harvest of what we have inappropriately sown. What do you think?


      1. That’s true; a homemaker could be a man. However, a woman has a unique bond with the children that is not shared by her husband. The mother begins bonding with the baby at the moment of conception; she continues bonding as she experiences the hormonal changes associated with child bearing; she continues bonding from the moment she feels “life” within her as the baby movies around the womb. The mother is bonding with the baby during the childbirth process and continues bonding throughout the period when she is nursing or breast feeding the baby. Her husband cannot participate in any part of this unique string of bonding experiences. That’s why the dying soldier on the battlefield calls for Mom, not Dad. Watch a televised NFL game; when a menacing looking lineman on the bench realizes he’s on camera, he silently mouths, “Hi Mom,” never “Hi Dad.” Thanks for your comment.


  3. Jamie

    This is very well said. I believe that times have become harder to raise children on a one person income; therefore, both parents tend to work to give their children what they didn’t have growing up. It is really rare these days to see the good old fashioned housewife scenario. I believe the children would benefit so much from this and those values would be put into their relationships in the future.


  4. Very interesting comments, Jamie. The big lie is that today children grow up in a public school system that teaches them that career is more important than family. The entire educational system and our culture is based on that thought–which incidentally is only few decades old. Many young people with such a mindset graduate from high school and go away to a distant college. It’s their first time away from home. With the blessings of the college, the kids are inundated with easy credit card offers, which they grab up like candy. By the time they graduate four years later, they are drowning in an ocean of student loan debt and have a stack of maxed out credit cards. Yet, they haven’t begun to life “real life.” At that point, a two-income family seems inevitable.

    The shock of a lifetime still awaits many young girls. They find their dream guy who may come with his own ocean of debt, get married, and become pregnant (hopefully in that order, but that’s another conversation). Her first thought is that she’ll return to work immediately after the baby’s born. But nature happens! Hormonal changes bring a desire to take some time off when the baby is born. When she begins to feel life, she experiences a desire to take some more time off for the new baby. Hormonal changes continue and the tension rises between her desire to be with the baby and cultural pressure to return to work. Ultimately, the baby is born; she hold’s the baby in her arms for the first time and exclaims at least inwardly, “Why did everybody lie to me?” She longs to be home raising her child, but feels trapped by cultural pressures and accumulated debt. It’s not a fun trap.

    On the brighter side, my oldest daughter is a fulltime homemaker. She home schools her three children instilling positive values and a strong sense of priorities along the way. She loves it. Her husband runs a small business, which earns enough money to pay the bills and keep them out of debt.

    Today, far too many children grow up with effectively absentee parents who are out chasing dueling careers. The children are raised by strangers in an endless round of day care centers, government provided before and after school care, and a string of babysitters. Is it no wonder why some end up shooting up the high schools? The shootings are sufficiently severe to capture the national media attention, but the shootings are only the tip of the iceberg of uncivil behavior learned by unsupervised or inappropriately supervised children.

    No institution or group setting can raise children anywhere near as well as loving parents. Raising the children is not the same as “staying home with the kids.” What do you think?

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    1. Jamie

      I think you are absolutely right. School loans are a big issue with students. We think once we graduated we will get a good paying job that will help us pay off our student loans, but soon our priorities tend to get swayed by wanting to have a nicer car or a bigger house, therefore, pushing the school loans to the wayside. After a few years, the loan payment just seems like a part of our normal monthly expenses, and we stop seeing it as debt, therefore, we continue to make the minimum payment and by doing so we are now indebted to that job.


  5. Kay

    I agree that children are too often being raised by teachers, daycare workers, older siblings due to 2 person income homes or the sobering reality of single family homes. However, public schools are not solely to blame for young girls being prepped for careers outside the home. There are numerous reasons for this…parental expectation, spouse expectations, finances, and even peer pressure. It sometimes seems as though if (a women) isn’t stressed out from juggling career, kids, household tasks, etc… she is considered lucky. Stressed out has become the new normal. What a shame! We are more apt to share our daily problems with others than share our successes

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    1. That’s right, Kay. We have migrated from a family-centered culture to a career-centered culture with tragic results. Effectively, the work load for women has doubled and changed relatively little for men. The sexual liberation movement has created a generation of rogue men that freely move from relationship to relationship, without sensing any responsibility for committing to marriage. The effect is millions of single moms relying on the government for support.

      The cultural shift has kicked God out of public life, out of the schools, and out of many families as the primary influence. Only a moral society can create the stability that survives throughout the generations. Morality induces voluntary restraint. The only real source of morality is Judeo-Christian tradition. When God is kicked out, society devolves into chaos. What do you think?


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