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  1. Anonymous

    Dr. Stebbins,

    Given my limited knowledge and understanding of Constitution, I dare not charter in these waters at the moment. However, I’ve searched for answers pertaining to whether or not the founders fathers were men who abided by the New Testament teachings.This is not to say they were not religious men. Nevertheless, I would offer the opinion that there is a difference between religion and spirituality.


    Ty Oliver


  2. Interesting comments, Ty. Modern writings often refer to the Founders as deists, a term acknowledging the remote existence of God somewhere in the cosmos who has little interest in our day-to-day affairs. However, the reports are very misleading and usually just plain wrong. Consider just one example. Author Peter Lillback recently devoted 14 years to researching and documenting everything George Washington ever said or wrote of a spiritual nature. The resulting book about George Washington is nearly 1200 pages. It focuses entirely on the spiritual influences in Washington’s life. There is no way that a reader can reasonable conclude that Washington was merely a deist. His faith in God drove his every thought, decision, and action. We can sometimes be mislead by the Christian jargon of today. Vocabulary may change, but as they say, “Actions speak louder than words.” Washington’s actions repeatedly and consistently testified to his intimate relationship with the Lord. What do you think?


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