cropped-lloyd-warner.jpg I have been on a personal journey for about fifteen years, during which I have experienced the convergence of several factors in my personal and professional life. Along the way, I personally cared for my late wife around the clock for seven years. She suffered from a chronic neurodegenerative condition similar to Alzheimer’s disease that eventually cost her life. Despite the obvious tragedy and personal challenges, it was a monumentally life changing experience. Throughout tough times, when others often turned their backs, the Lord’s presence was as real as another person sharing the same sofa. The emotional and spiritual rewards evoked by taking care of a loved one too disabled to communicate any form of appreciation are so great as to defy description and are largely unknown in modern self-absorbed American culture.

That intense personal experience and others along with personal observations triggered the emergence of a heart wrenching concern for the fall of the family and the collapse of the American culture. The decades-long observations and concerns crescendoed in recent years. The path to family and cultural decay is traced and detailed in my new book, Wake Up America–or Die! YOU Must Save America and the Family. However, unlike other books, this focused history lesson spans the “Undeniable Crisis” in just the first five chapters. The ten remaining chapters develop the “Awesome Remedy.”

Earning dual academic qualifications in both the natural sciences, including chemical engineering, and business management enabled me to fully appreciate the spectacular successes of the scientific method of investigation and also to question its blind application to the social sciences. From its earliest beginnings, the public fascination with the scientific method spread rapidly throughout all western civilization and eventually dominated virtually all ordinary thought and behavior, albeit without the fancy scientific terminology. Today, science has become a faith, at least outside of the scientific world, which demands nearly absolute obedience. Such obedience comes at a very high social cost that lead to questioning the modern definition of science and subsequently shining a bright light on a refreshing earlier view of science that held until the last century and a half.

The dovetailing personal and professional experiences evoked a growing awareness that Judeo-Christian culture has drifted away from God in recent decades just a few steps behind the drift of the background secular culture. The ultimate inescapable conclusion is that virtually all modern social controversies are rooted in that drift. The resolution of the controversies is rooted in reversing the drift at least among Judeo-Christian believers and recapturing the real meaning of freedom which is a gift from the Creator, not from government.

I currently serve several universities as an adjunct professor teaching both natural science and business management courses and can be reached at lsteb@tampabay.rr.com.

Dr. Lloyd H. Stebbins

©2014 Lloyd Stebbins

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  1. Thank you, Lloyd, for your astute description of the development of our godless culture and its cultural-ized churches which have lost their spiritual saltiness and ability to preserve and stop the decay of western society that we are observing. I thank God that His kingdom is not of this world, but rather is a kingdom that does not come with outward observation but is found within the hearts of His people. Thanks for your comment on our blog.

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    1. Lloyd, BTW, as I read your story about losing your wife and your devotion to her during the whole thing, my heart was touched. It will be good to get to know you better in the days ahead.
      God bless you dear brother, Michael


  2. I’ll right away seize your rss feed as I can’t to find your e-mail subscription link or e-newsletter service.
    Do you’ve any? Please permit me recognize so that I may subscribe.

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    1. Thanks for the heads up Chandra. At present, I don’t have a subscription link or e-newsletter service. However, if you click on “Follow” typically in the lower right corner of the screen, you’ll receive and e-mail notification each time I post a new blog message.


  3. Mike

    Doc, I am a former h.s. teacher and I must say that for the most part, my students did not know about good vs. evil; they looked at life as “will I get caught or will I get away with it”. Now more than ever we need more who believe in the power of God. Thank you for your work.

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    1. Thank you for your comments, Mike. Sadly, your students represent most of the modern American culture. We’ve migrated from an eroding culture to one that’s in free fall. That observation and many others inspired the writing of my book. It springs from my heartache at seeing what has happened to America and the family. We are paying a heave price for kicking God out of the schools and much of our culture. Nevertheless, He is still in control. We need only acknowledge Him to restore the blessings we formerly experienced. Enjoy the blog messages and let me know what you think.


  4. Lloyd, after a long time of preparing and publishing some of our books I am rediscovering some ot the fellow bloggers who at one time were following my blog.
    As I read this post, I can share that I have been through some of the same experiences that you have. One of our books, TWO FULL PLATES ~ Learning to be a Caregiver, is one of a series Little Books About the Magnitude of God, along with others that encourage God’s people to know more of the legacy that is ours in Christ as we live in this chaotic world.
    As a newly published author, I want to network with other authors whose purpose and goal for the kingdom are the same as ours. I will be following your blog and looking for more of what you write.
    The Lord continue to bless your ministry. ~ Fran

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      1. We are self-published on Createspace for paperbacks and Kindle for eBooks.
        We also published through Draft2Digital for eBooks through other stores.
        At the age of 77, I could not wait for a traditional publisher to accept my books. I have many still waiting to format and to write.
        With self-publishing, we can keep the control.
        If you are interested in traditional publishing there is a medium through which you can submit your work for an evaluation from different sources.
        I am a DIY in a lot of things, except for my salvation. Praise the Lord that it is not up to me.
        He does a wonderful job on all His projects. 🙂
        Please read my post for today and pass it on.
        Thank you. The Lord bless your work for His kingdom. ~ Fran,

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  5. Dear Dr. Stebbins,

    On glancing back over the comments made last week on A Lawyer’s Prayers, I see that I did not properly acknowledge yours. I found your analysis of the role light plays in worship truly beautiful, and should have said more to convey that. If you will permit me, I would like to republish your comment as a post this weekend — giving you full credit, of course. Meanwhile, please, accept my sincere apology.

    Anna ❤

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  6. The reblog was very popular, Dr. Stebbins! I’m glad more people got the chance to read it. Unfortunately, I’m having trouble locating your other blog. It must be my browser. Would you mind giving me the address again? lloydstebbins.com/1009 brings me back to this blog. Many thanks.


    A. ❤

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