Young Baby Boomers Caught in the Vortex of a Perfect Storm

The greatest cultural collapse in recorded history was energized by the theory of evolution and accelerated by modern technology. The Baby Boomers, born from 1946 – 1964, were caught in a perfect cultural storm. That storm compromised their soul-deep reality systems intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually, during their most formative coming-of-age years, the 1950s, 60s, and 70s. The resulting cultural drift away from Judeo-Christian tradition created a spiritual vacuum.

Boomers - People of Different Races and Older Age

The Boomer’s deepest yearnings for significance and meaning were unsatisfied or poorly satisfied. Many people attempted to fill their spiritual vacuum by participating in various political movements such as the “protests” of the 1960s and beyond, radical feminism, multiculturalism, and various “rights” movements (abortion, animal, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender). By effectively leveraging the power of mission and vision statements, even the business world learned to evoke significance and meaning in the lives of employees.

The abundance of emerging political movements and advances in business created stiff spiritual competition for the attention of vulnerable Jews and Christians. The results have produced the splintering of the traditional God-created, God-centered family and an increasingly fragmented directionless national culture. The political and cultural power of the Boomers arises from sheer numbers—76 million, greater than any subsequent generation—as well as their high level of activism.

The perfect storm was enabled, in part, because prior to WWII the intellectual skepticism regarding the existence of God and post-modern thinking was limited primarily to a small cadre of campus-cloistered academics. However, their radical thinking was rapidly instilled in the swelling student populations, beginning with the Boomer’s parents who massively used the “G.I. Bill” to finance college educations for post-WWII veterans. After the war, there were substantially more students on university campuses than ever before. Jobs for returning veterans were scarce; pursuing a college education at government expense provided a reasonable alternative.

Evolution was the “excuse” offered by persuasive and demanding professors for questioning or denying the existence of God. Intellectually the theory of evolution produced post-modern thinking contending there is 1) no god, 2) no objective truth, and 3) no overarching universal values that apply to all people. It was not necessary for the Boomer’s parents to be fully compromised; the professors’ arguments merely created doubt, regarding traditional Judeo-Christian values and beliefs—a doubt that slightly loosened child-rearing responsibilities. The “Greatest Generation” was about to unwittingly unleash tectonic cultural changes that would be expressed throughout the lives of the Baby Boomers.

The winds of the same post-modern thinking were gleefully fanned by the media, 1960s activists, the entertainment industry and politicians. Accordingly, generations following the Boomers have been increasingly compromised and their march to maturity largely disabled, because parents cannot teach their children concepts they do not know or understand themselves.

In a recent well-researched book, Diana West observed that America has become a culture of perpetual adolescence. We have replaced anchor-like virtues with slippery values, based on situational ethics. America has become a, “culture that has perpetuated and enshrined immaturity for more than a half century,” and, “…the civilization that forever dodges maturity will never live to a ripe old age.” Mike Males forcefully adds that, “The deterioration in middle-aged adult behavior has driven virtually every major American social problem over the past 25 years.”

Today, the so-called elite and many parents view the universe in strictly physical terms. As such, ordinary thinking is dominated by impersonal practical considerations (utilitarian, logic). Purposeful (spiritual) and principled (emotional) influences have been routinely torpedoed by evolution, science, the media, Hollywood, and many politicians. The results are evidenced by extreme political correctness, escalating cultural chaos, and the movement to “control” thought by defining “hate speech” and “hate crimes,” then rendering both unlawful.

A remedy, offered in future blogs, requires recognizing the role of Judeo-Christian tradition in the development of the greatest country and culture in recorded history, a culture envied the world over for the best quality-of-life and the highest standard-of-living ever achieved, and restore that tradition to prominence. Judge Robert Bork advises that “Religion must be recaptured church by church; and education, university by university; school board by school board.” Over two centuries ago, William Penn maintained, “Those people who are not ruled by God will be governed by tyrants.” Founder John Adams agreed, “We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion…”

So…What happened to the Baby Boomers? What constituted the perfect storm that collapsed a national culture in such an incredibly short time? That will be the topic of a future blog. Meanwhile, what do YOU think?

5 thoughts on “Young Baby Boomers Caught in the Vortex of a Perfect Storm

  1. You make a solid case for our current condition in the USA.
    I think we have left our first love.
    In part because of stuff,
    Partly because of the prevalent legalism of the Church past and present.
    Partly because of envy in leadership. (The seed of Cain in the book of Jude)
    But I know if we loved Jesus with all our hearts there would be no room left for anything contrary to Him.
    Happy Easter Brother

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    1. Great comments. The first five chapters of my new book, “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness: YOU Must Save America and the Family” expand upon this theme, referenced as, “The Undeniable Crisis.” The remaining 10 chapters (fully 2/3 of the book) presents what to do about the crisis in very practical terms. It is, “The Awesome Remedy.” Stay tuned for more–much more!

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  2. Eliza

    You are covering this from a cultural perspective, but the real drift from the truth that has promoted the glory of death in our society was started by higher criticism which considered the Bible to be any other book, rather than the inspired, infallible, inerrant Word of God, and divorcing of faith from biblical truth. This attack upon the Word of God brought unbelief within the confines of the visible church and has led to the rejection of God and His grace, and He has complied and left these apostates to their own resources. They have sown the wind and reaped the whirlwind. As greater numbers join in this fake religiosity we see evil glorified and good demeaned. God bless us.

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  3. . Here’s the short form:

    1. Properly understood, the holistic Christian life is the most exciting life in the universe.
    2. Yet, outsiders frequently view us as judgmental, narrow-minded, dupes.

    What’s wrong? We have paid a devastating price for that dichotomy. It is the source of virtually all national cultural controversies and issues plaguing the American family. Most believers don’t fully understand the first statement, at least not beyond a shallow intellectual assent. Consequently, we present an image that to outsiders ranges from boring to horrifying. What do you think?

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